The Powered Parachute Bible  by George A. Begue
About The Powered Parachute Bible...
The ultralight industry has been in need of an instructional guide that covers general aviation topics and the powered parachute's unique flight characteristics. The Powered Parachute Bible (debuted at Sun 'N Fun 2001) overwhelmingly fits that bill.

The book measures 8 1/2" X 11" and is bound with a beautiful hard cover. All 336 pages are loaded with information every PPC and ultralight pilot needs to become a safe and knowledgeable aviator.

More than 350 color illustrations and photos help the reader visualize the most important elements in each topic. This is not just an informative book; it is a great tool. The Flight Training Syllabus section was designed to aid the PPC flight instructor in preparing for his lessons. Each lesson plan guides the instructor through the basic flight instruction steps and refers him to the specific pages in the book where elements of the lesson can be found. This way he can bone up prior to meeting with the student. The result should be an efficient and professional lesson.

The student also benefits greatly. Not only does he benefit from a well-prepared instructor, but by following the suggested reading, he will be familiar with his next lesson's elements.

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